Elite Kilimanjaro Group Climb Prices and Dates

In 2015, we at Elite Kilimanjaro have shifted to focus more on providing high quality private climbs. This means we have gone away from creating a group climb schedule that restricts you to set departure and return dates. However, we do recognize that many of you are looking for the benefits that come with a group climb.

The benefits of a group climb are simple:

  • Enjoy climbing with the company of others from all over the globe.
  • Save money with the group climb discount.


We do still have a way to accommodate your needs without limiting your date options! It’s quite simple really. At your time of booking, just let us know that you would like to open your climb to others and you will automatically be given the group climb discount! The group climb discount applies to the Lemosho

2016-2017 Elite Kilimanjaro Group Climb Rates

To request more information about our Kilimanjaro group climbs, contact us using the Contact Form or at info@elitekilimanjaro.com.  To guarantee your spot in a group climb, begin the booking process by clicking on the Book Now button.

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