Lemosho Route

Climb Kilimanjaro's Lemosho Route with Elite Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho Route with Elite Kilimanjaro

Lemosho Route Profile

Minimum Days: 7
Recommended Days: 8 or more
Difficulty (1-10):  Elite Kilimanjaro ranks the Lemosho route at 7.  Lemosho is easier than Shira due to the lower altitude of its starting point.  Other than that they are equal in difficulty because they utilize the same route for the majority of the climb.
Scenery:  The Lemosho route is considered the most scenic route on Kilimanjaro.
Success Rate:  Lemosho route has one of the highest success rates due to better acclimatization, especially if you do 8 days or more.
Traffic:  Traffic is low on the Lemosho route, although both of the Western routes are growing in popularity.
Comfort:  You will sleep in tents on the Lemosho route.  Your comfort is really determined by your level of tolerance for camping.

Lemosho Route Detailed Descriptions & Itineraries

Lemosho Route 7-Day Itinerary
Lemosho Route 8-Day Itinerary
Lemosho Route 9-Day Itinerary
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