Marangu 6-Day

Marangu Route

Marangu, often referred to as the “Coca Cola” route, is Kilimanjaro’s shortest and easiest route.  Because of this, it is also the most popular route.  The minimum number of days for a Marangu trek is 5 days and is offered by many tour operators.  In an effort to ensure your safety and summit success, Elite Kilimanjaro only leads a 6-day trip using the Marangu route.  However, if you wish to have a longer trip to increase your chances of proper acclimatization, you can stay an extra night at any camp.  Your “off-day” would consist of going on a light hike to gain some elevation and then returning to camp for food and rest.

Marangu Route Description

Marangu is the only route on Kilimanjaro with solar-powered sleeping huts.  You will also find comfy beds at every camp.  The huts are shared by all climbers on the route and their bunks are equipped with a sponge mattress and pillow.  The huts at Mandara and Kibo each have 60 beds and the busiest camp, Horombo Hut, has 120 beds.  The lower two huts have bathrooms and running water.  Basic outhouses are available at the last camp.

The dining huts are a communal melting pot of trekkers from all over the globe.  You may purchase soft drinks, bottled water, and beer at the huts, so bring small Tanzanian bills to purchase these items.  Note that the prices increase the higher you go.

Marangu Route 6-Day Rates

1 Climber 2 Climbers 3-5 Climbers 6-10 Climbers 11+
$2,103 $2,053 $1,848 $1,798 Request Quote

Extra days on the mountain: $335/person/day
Low Season Discount:  $50

Marangu Route Duration

6 days trekking from Moshi
4.5 days ascent, 1.5 days descent

Distance Covered and Elevation

20 mi/32 km ascent, 40 mi/ 64km
Ascend from Marangu Gate (1,830 m/6000 ft) to Uhuru Peak (5895 m/19,340 ft) and return
4065 m/13,340 ft total gain

Marangu Route Map

Marangu Route Map

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Marangu Route Itinerary

Tanzania Arrival:

You will be greeted by our friendly transfer staff who will take you from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) to your hotel in Moshi (3,000 ft/915m).

Day 1:  Marangu Gate (6,000 ft/1830 m) to Mandara Huts (9,000 ft/2,740 m) 8km, 3-4 hours

Following breakfast you will have a briefing from your guide.  At 9 am, our staff will drive you from your hotel in Moshi to the Marangu Gate on the east side of Kilimanjaro.  After the drive and gate registration with Kilimanjaro National Park, you will begin hiking around 10:30 AM.  Starting in the rainforest, you will be surrounded by towering soaring Eucalyptus trees, birds, and even the Colubus monkeys.  Shorts and t-shirt usually will suffice at this altitude, but you will want to keep your rain gear and warmer clothing in your daypack just in case.  If it is muddy, you can use your trekking poles for added stability.  You will stop for lunch halfway through your trek before continuing on to the Mandara Huts.  You will arrive between 2 or 3 PM, unpack and rest with coffee or tea.  You will also have a chance to take a short trip to the Maundi Crater which offers spectacular views of Northern Tanzania and Kenya.  Dinner is served around 7 PM.

Day 2:  Mandara Huts (9,000 ft/2,740 m) to Horombo Huts (12,100 ft/3,690 m) 12km, 5-6 hours

Rise and shine at 7:30 AM for breakfast and packing for the day’s trek, starting at 8:30 AM.  Your trek will begin with an hour hike through rainforest glades before ascending through heathland and on into the open moorlands where the vegetation is sparse with small shrubs.  Stop halfway for lunch overlooking the view of Mawenzi.  You will arrive at the Horombo Huts by 3PM.  Again you will rest and unpack before preparing for dinner.

Day 3:   Acclimatization Day

You may begin to feel the effects of altitude at Horombo, which is why Elite Kilimanjaro uses this day as an aid to your acclimatization.  Depending on how you are feeling, your guide will recommend you either rest at the huts or take a hike up to the Mawenzi basecamp and return to the Horombo Huts for a second night.

Day 4:  Horombo Huts (12,100 ft/3,690 m) to Kibo Huts (15,400 ft/4,695 m) 5-8km, 3 hours

If you wake early, you can capture some beautiful sunrise photos before breakfast.  The day’s trek begins through the heathland and quickly turns into a moonscape as you enter the saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo.  From lunch onwards, you will get a view of the summit climb which you will start in a short 4-5 hours!  Pay attention to your body and keep your guide informed of any signs of altitude sickness.  Upon arriving you will have a snack and try to catch a few hours of sleep before awaking for your final ascent.

Day 5:  SUMMIT DAY!  Kibo Huts  (15,400 ft/4,695 m) to Uhuru Peak (19,340 ft/5,895 m) to Horombo Huts (12,100 ft/3,690 m) 4 km up and 12 km down, 5-6 hours

Wake for breakfast at midnight and prepare for your summit ascent.  Depart at 1 AM with the goal of reaching the peak near the same time as sunrise.  Your trek will be full of switchbacks, winding you up the steep scree before reaching Gilman’s Point on the rim of the crater (18,640 ft/5,861 m) between 5 and 7 AM.  Here, you are greeted by the snow-filled crater and its icecaps.  Hiking along the crater rim, you will reach Uhuru Peak around 9 AM.  Congratulations, you are now standing on the Roof of Africa!  You will have time to take pictures with the world-famous Uhuru Peak sign, but it is important to begin your descent soon in order to allow yourself enough time to rest at the Kibo Huts.  Upon reaching back to Kibo, have lunch, grab some much needed rest, pack up, and return to the Horombo Huts.  Enjoy some dinner and some well-deserved sleep.

Day 6:  Horombo Huts (12,100 ft/3,690 m) to Marangu Gate (6,000 ft/1830 m) 20 km, 11-13 hours

Wake up for breakfast as usual, pack, and descend back through the moorland to the Mandara Huts for lunch.  Continue your descent through the rainforest, reaching the park gate around 2 or 3 PM.  A 45-minute drive and you will be back to your hotel in Moshi.  It’s time to celebrate!

Final Day in Moshi

If you will be leaving us today, our transfer staff will drive you back to the airport.  If you have purchased a Safari package through Elite Kilimanjaro, we will help you seamlessly transition from your trek into your next Tanzania adventure.