Shira Route

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Climb Kilimanjaro’s Shira Route with Elite Kilimanjaro

Shira Route Profile

Minimum Days: 8
Recommended Days: 8 or more
Difficulty (1-10):  Elite Kilimanjaro ranks the Shira route at 7.5/10.  Shira Route is slightly more difficult than Lemosho due to the higher altitude of its starting point.  Other than that they are equal in difficulty.
Scenery:  The Shira Route is a beautiful and varied climb.  One of the most scenically varied routes of Kilimanjaro.
Success Rate:  The success rate of the Shira Route is a bit lower than Lemosho due to its higher starting point.  This is the reason for our minimum days of 8 for Shira.  Overall, the success rate of the Shira Route is much higher than the Southern Routes due to better acclimatization allowed by its longer trek.
Traffic:  Traffic is low on the Shira route, although both of the Western routes are growing in popularity.
Comfort:  You will sleep in tents on the Shira route.  Your comfort is really determined by your level of tolerance for camping.

Shira Route Detailed Descriptions & Itineraries

Shira Route 8-Day Itinerary
Shira Route 9-Day Itinerary
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