Why Climb with Elite Kilimanjaro?

Our Competitive Advantage

Elite Kilimanjaro is a US based company that employs only climbers who have successfully summited Kilimanjaro.  This high set of standards guarantees that the service you receive is knowledgeable, accurate and in your best interest.  We only succeed when our clients succeed and as a result we are dedicated to getting you to the top of the mountain safely and confidently.

Doing the Right Thing for You

The question most climbers have when they set off to find a suitable tour operator is who should I use and from the cost differentials offered by the operators, one might think that the higher the cost, the better the service.  This is definitely not the case!  Elite Kilimanjaro specializes in creating a safe and comfortable experience for our clients.  This means smaller, private parties.  Some of the operators will “bunch” climbers together in order to save money on staff.  While this is good for the operator, this is terrible for you!  You want to look for an operator who charges a fair price for their service.  Compare us to our competitors of comparable price and you will find that we provide more services included in our price without all the additional fees others are charging.  If you find otherwise, let us know!  You also need an operator who is responsible and available for your questions.  Even if you have been researching a trip to Kilimanjaro for months, as soon as you book, the questions will start flowing just about non-stop.  This means you are mentally getting ready and that is a good thing!

Honest and Safe Service for a Fair Price

There are many high priced operators who charge as much as 3 times what Elite Kilimanjaro charges and the only thing better that happens is the operator gets to collect more profit from each trip.  Your experience with Elite Kilimanjaro will be top rate and the service and safety on the mountain will be second to none.  Alternatively there are low priced operators who promise the same level of service, but while that seems attractive at face value, you just know logically that you cannot produce a quality trip for a low price.  Elite Kilimanjaro only works with the number one tour operator in Tanzania, which ensures your trip will be comfortable, safe and successful.

Individual Attention

Why is a smaller party better?  The reason is simple; each of our on-mountain staff can give you more personal service and will be able to cater to everyone’s needs versus forcing you to conform to the needs of the group.  The number one success factor in climbing Kilimanjaro is being able to climb at your own pace.  This factor cannot be emphasized enough!  Our staff to client ratios is approximately 4 to 1, while our competition offers 2 to 1 or worse.  Without having adequate support staff, you will likely face the same demise that many other climbers before you have felt…disappointment!  If you have less staff to client ratio, when bad things happen, your operator will not be able to respond.

Elite Kilimanjaro tries to maintain private parties of 12 or less for optimum personalized service.  We understand that unless you want to travel with strangers, the most comfortable way to trek is amongst friends.  If you are alone and want to share the experience with fellow climbers, we will offer several trips throughout the climbing seasons where you can be added to a small group.

Continued Service

From the moment you book with us, you will immediately notice what makes an Elite Kilimanjaro trip special.  Some operators are nice and cozy until you make your payment and then their true colors shine through.  You send the money and all of a sudden their response time to your questions goes from 1-2 days to 2-3 weeks.  With Elite Kilimanjaro, we are here to help you evaluate, plan, prep and go on your climb.  If you need anything at any time, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.  Our Tanzanian staff speaks fluent English as a second language.  But for your peace of mind, we also have English-speaking American employees working in the same time zone as Tanzania.  Rest assured you can reach them if the need arises.  Climbing Kilimanjaro is a once and lifetime experience and you deserve to use a world class operator.  Elite Kilimanjaro is here and ready to make your dreams come true.